Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Today I will not lead any discussions with people who want this revolution to stop. (5.February 2011)

Today I do not want to hear about the price this has on the economy because any 12 years old child will tell you that if i'm loosing 10 dollars a day anyway, loosing one extra dollar for one month to eventually stop the 10 dollars loss per day is a GOOD DEAL. The economy is suffering because it is built on ridiculous policies not gearing our efforts as a nation to produce anything nor to teach our work force to be able to produce anything.This is what our economy is suffering from and not the revolution.

Today I do not want to hear about foreign agendas or who is trying to ride what wave or about the Ekhwan taking over because the more patriotic Egyptians take part in the revolution the more we will all make those evil forces smaller in influence and percentage. Simple math: if 1000 are in Tahrir and 300 are Ekhwan that's 30%. Now if the 700 who are not Ekhwan go home than the remaining 300 are 100% Ekhwan. But if 3000 others come who are not Ekhwan than the Ekhwan are only 10%. You tell me what's better.

Today I do not want to hear about "we got almost all what we want" because it's simply bullshit. We are only getting piece by piece and until today we have not gotten REAL CONCESSIONS! We have a president who said "i wasn't intending on running for president" and "i will tell the parliament to DISCUSS 76 and 77" and who didn't say a word about judiciary supervision of any future elections (88) or lifting the emergency state and who appointed people who are loyal to him into a new government. We have a new government who is still not doing anything to protect the people and who is still acting like we are imbeciles by pretending to be listening to demands of freedom and dignity while their state TV is still spewing the same propaganda we have been used to over the last 30 years. We have a new General on the front who says he will restore order but doesn't, who says he will protect the people but doesn't, who says the demonstrators have to go home first and THEN we will do what they want AS IF HE'S TRYING TO TAKE A TOY FROM A CHILD'S HANDS BY OFFERING HIM CHOCOLATE!

Today I do not want to hear about silly arguments about the constitution and how it is better he should stay in office because of this or that article and that should he leave now the Vice President will not have the necessary legitimacy to change the constitution or dissolve the parliament because doing these two things take one word: "I hereby order to delete articles so and so, and I hereby dissolve the parliament". Does he need 9 months to speak out those dozen or so words? Really? And EVEN IF I misunderstand the articles and the constitution really does make it impossible to have the changes we want should he leave, then we shall change the constitution, THIS IS A REVOLUTION, and revolutions change whatever stands in their way.

Today I do not want to hear about majority / minority issues suggesting that more people are for Mubarak or that those people in Tahrir square do not represent us all because as far I can remember until 10 days ago 99% of this population were constantly complaining about an increasingly horrible situation which affects us all. Those who have were insecure, those who don't have were dying to have. Corruption is in every single bracket of society and education and health services are not worthy of animals. So if you are Pro-Mubarak all of a sudden than we should probably not be communicating in the first place because according to my memory you do not even exist!

Today I do not want to hear about "Papa Mubarak" or him being a symbol and that we should not put our symbols down is simply the biggest crap i have ever heard in my entire life. As you can judge by my name and my bank account (!)  he is NOT my dad, never was and never will be. My father is a respectable human being who never took something that doesn't belong to him nor did he ever inflict any harm on any human beings. And if you want to tell me we should judge fairly and that everyone has some good and some bad then i'll tell you i don't give a damn about how many BMW's roam the streets or how we all have mobile phones because it's not like he bought them for us in the first place, or not like we have become human beings just because we have managed not to receed into a population that uses camels as a mode of transportation and sends smoke signals for communication. Those are NOT ACHIEVEMENTS my friends. And bridges are great but I don't mind walking on the ground.

Finally today i do not want to hear this nonsense about our image abroad and how much better it would be for our image abroad if he should end his term in office and then leave because I can tell you first-hand that we have never ever before been so admired and so respected throughout the whole world as we are now because of this peaceful civil and extremely honourable revolution. I have never been more proud to be Egyptian and I have never been encountered with so many words of encouragement and admiration as in these last 10 days, and I've been an Egyptian for a while now, so please take my word for it.

So my dear friends if you want an end to the chaos and to the misery as you are experiencing it then put pressure on YOUR government to go find it's police force and make them wear their uniforms again and restore order and to stop paying baltageya to go on so-called Pro-Muabarak demonstrations and kill and rampage and spread horror and to finally admit that this revolution has nothing to do with this intentional chaos they are trying to punish us with, because THIS REVOLUTION IS NOT GOING TO STOP UNTIL THIS REGIME LETS GO OF ITS POWER AND LEAVES! Period. Out. End of story.

Peace and love to all and glory to EGYPT!

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