Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What happened to you EDUCATED Egyptians? (3.February 2011)

What happened to you EDUCATED Egyptians?

Where did this sudden LOVE FOR MUBARAK come from?

Aren't you one of the millions who have been suffering from the corruption, the lack of security, the lack of perspective which HE and his regime have brought us into? Aren't you one of the millions who never ever stopped complaining about HIM personally wishing he would go? Be honest!

Now, did he manage with this one speech to manipulate you emotionally to the point that you became completely "apathetic" to OUR COMMON FREEDOM and completely TOUCHED by his personal IMAGE? People crying NO we can't treat him like this!? Pathetic! What the hell did he give for YOUR IMAGE? Do you not travel abroad? And when you do don't you see the effect that green passport has on any customs officer in the whole world? Do you not realize that the world sees Egypt as a nation with HISTORY but no present or future? What about your image when you have been forced from one place to the other to get papers done? What about your pride and dignity when your fellow citizens were brutally captured and tortured because the police officer just FELT LIKE IT? Where was this feeling of pride and dignity when you were confronted with one international humiliation after the other? Where was this pride when you realized that the whole world lost respect for us politically because our government is paid by the hour by the US government because of our Pro-Israel politics? Stop this hypocrisy! You know damn well this is our politics! Forget the bullshit statements by him or his clown foreign minister about the Palestinian cause! We are paid by the hour and you know it!!!!

And now after this speech you are seriously contemplating trusting and believing him AGAIN? Don't you see what they are broadcasting on TV? Don't you realize that within a couple of weeks "LA TATANA7A" demonstrations will be hitting the streets? ARE YOU REALLY THAT NAIV TO BELIEVE HIS EMPTY PROMISES? What promises did he actually make? That he wasn't even "intending" on running for presidency in the first place? Yea? You believe that? That he will ask the parliament to "discuss 76 and 77"? To "discuss"? Did he say anything about taking away the state of emergency which allows for the implementation of the "Taware2 Law"? Did he say anything about dissolving his barbaric party the NDP? Did you hear anything about his son not running in the upcoming elections? Did you hear anything about dissolving the parliament? NO? Just some blabbering about evil forces who infiltrated the brave demonstrations and not even giving respect to the fallen heros and then some "reforms" bla bla and "to3un" bla bla and "legal back and forth" bla bla. What the hell did he promise that makes you so happy Mr and Mrs PHD??????

And finally this complete absurdity of saying "what next" like you were never educated to begin with? What next? Future is next! Opportunity is next! What the hell are you so scared of? Yes you? Are you truely scared of this so-called vaccum? What vaccum? Get serious! There is no greater vaccum than the one we've been living in the last 3 decades. What you're really scared of is the security vaccum! Admit it! He blackmailed you into thinking his person is equal to safety because as soon as we spoke against him he sent his dogs after us! There is a huge difference between being pressured and being fooled. So worry about what he might do, but do not bullshit yourself or others by what WE might not be able to do! Wake up from this comic lie. We will manage. There are first and second and third in lines who will assume their responsabilities with us as a CONTROLLER. We the people will make sure that things happen the way they are supposed to until elections are held. Don't ask this naiv question about who comes next either! Stop being so Goddamn simplistic. The one we will elect will rule. Whether it's Baradei, or Moussa, or Zuweil, or whomever i don't care. The one we will elect will rule. Didn't you travel and see how that works? Or do you only travel to shop and take pictures?

And all these horror scenarios about Moslem Brotherhood and Iran and Iraq ar just a big joke! If you are so worried about them taking over than get out there and fill the void. If you don't want them to take over than strengthen the non-religious political forces right now on the streets. You repeat like a parrot they are everywhere they are so well organised "Oh my God" as if it was a plague. Those people are mislead and lost just like you. I'm not talking about their leadership i'm talking about their followers. So let's get out there you lazy Sirs and Mams and do our parts. Let's take part in some real social work. Let's support a family. Let's educate their kids. Let's have a counter influence by showing the poor uneducated that we are also there for them. Leaving the scene is a sure way of having them take over! But if you hit the street and tip the balance than they have no chance. I'm sickened by this cowarldly attitude especially now that those HEROES have shown us what's possible. When a guy in the demonstrations put up a Koran they forced him to put it down. Moslems and Christians together have been there on the grounds, Sure many Christians are even more scared than Moslems (understandable) but for God's sake this is our COMMON CHANCE! I really wonder about this "overly careful" (not to say "cowarldly") attitude of some of you my dear Christian friends. Sorry if I address you like that and some idiots will tell me i'm fueling discrimination or separation. To hell with that. I want to speak it out like it is, if you don't like it call me names all you want. Dear Egyptian Christians many of you are hitting the streets and are right there in the front lines risking their lives like their fellow moslem Egyptians, not worrying about our differences but concentrating on our similarities and our common dream. But allow me to say also a great majority are LAYING LOW as if this doesn't concern them. I'm not generalizing and i realize that it might be the same amongst Moslems but you have much more to win in this unique opportunity my friends. You have it in your hands to help tip the balance also right now. Waiting and hiding is actually an admission that this is not your country. Let's wait and see what THEY will do! Come on! Do your ancestors honor. I'm not calling for you to fight on the streets if you don't want but at least show your support and get out of hiding. You know who you are!

And now finally I ask you all that should you decide to disregard all the above then at least know that you are betraying your fighters. Our HEROES are fighting for your and my freedom right now. As long as they are i will take no part in any discussions nor will i respect anyone calling for retreat or BOYCOTT of the demonstrations. I will support the revolutionary fighters 100%, especially since they are being fought physically by bullets and virtually by lies and propaganda! If those HEROES decide to go home, so be it, but until they do I don't wanna hear ONE WORD OF WISDOM about retreat because that would mean TREASON TO THEM!

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