Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A population without leadership

Good morning. 

As obviously Egypt has become a nation of political experts, and since once again, i find myself facing a wall of people intent on arguing and discussing and insisting on what they presume to be right, and since once more i know for a fact and without the shadow of a doubt that what they are saying will lead us where we have all been before many times, and since we have already gone through all the reasons in length why i think participating in this referendum is completely ridiculous, and since those who call themselves the political force or who some see as their leadership still have not managed to understand what a free population expects from their political LEADership, i decided to jot down my stance clearly this morning in this open letter, and then keep my mouth shut about this bloody referendum for good until it's over.

My dear respected friends at the leadership of the salvation front, I have the following very simple questions for you:
Why exactly did you ask people to hit the streets yesterday?
And why did you hope for the judges to hold their patriotic stance and not participate in supervising the referendum?
And what was it that you were planning to do if these two things happen?

Because i'm not sure you noticed, but the presidential palace WAS besieged again last night through tens if not hundreds of thousands, and the judges DID much more than you expected, to the point that they forced the high council of elections to split the referendum on two days because they dont have enough of "their" judges to run the "show". And on top of that, they WERE stupid enough to come out and declare this while the masses were still on the streets. And as if God is sending you even more signals, should you have missed out for some mysterious reason on the obvious ones, the IMF openly declares on the same day their refusal to pay out the loan promised to the Egyptian MB government.

And? Yes i ask, and...? Where were YOU? What did you do with all those gains? Nothing? Not one word. All this not enough reasons to escalate with a powerful strong blow? The regime was about to crumble last night. You didn't see that? Really? Couldn't you tell that all it needed was for you all to come out in the middle of those crowds at the palace and declare that the Salvation Front decides to escalate and call for a sit-in right here and now and not break it up until this referendum is cancelled? Didn't you sense that that was the last opportunity to come out clearly and say NO to the whole process and not to the question asked in the referendum?

AND, the much more important line of questions, IF you believe with all your political knowledge and all your great wisdom, that going and participating now and saying no is the way to go, WHY calling for protests in the first place, and WHY waiting for the judge's stance, and WHY the big speeches, and WHY did you refuse to go negotiate with the regime for better terms such as force a delay, IF you were planning anyway to accept at the end? 

My dear friends the so-called leaders of parties like El Dostur and El Masry El Democrati and El Tayar El Sha3bi and El Masreyin El Ahrar, what were you expecting? Do you really believe this bullshit about this being a long fight and this being a win by points not knock out. We did not win SHIT. You just didn't have the balls to risk your political careers. We could have blown this referendum away with a precise strong knock out punch last night, and you know that very well, unless you're blind. But sorry to say it like that, you let us down. 

So, mark the 11th of December on your calendar. Not because of anything major for you. Not because your career was ruined God forbid. Not because anything bad happened to you or your party God forbid.  Mark it simply because that is the day you lost the vote of one simple Egyptian called Mohamed Ghoneim.

Now that i have said that, i ask everyone to stand united and fight whatever fight you decide to fight. I pray that i am wrong about the result being already set at around 65 to 67% yes, and i declare myself from this moment a silent soldier in the back rows in the campaign to get people to say no. So good luck to all of us. Give it your best. Talk to people on the streets and do not make the big mistake. Do not use religion at all in your campaign. Explain to the people that this constitution does not protect their rights and will not make them lead a better life and will cause more tyranny by the police and will make the ekhwan stay in power forever and will cause a lot of much longer chaos in all our lives. Explain to them that if they want to live a decent life, if they want their rights to be really guaranteed, if they want peace and estekrar, that the should by all means not let the ekhwan push us into more of all their chaos with this very weak and bad constitution. That's the only way to go, because you must always make it clear, we are all not fighting article 2 and we all want Islam, this has NOTHING TO DO WITH WHY WE MUST ALL SAY NO. Otherwise, we might just as well go say yes ourselves.

God bless every single one out there who risked his life and got beaten and stumped on and followed the call for freedom. God bless every Egyptian citizen who fights for what he believes even  if i disagree with him. God bless our wonderful country. And God FORGIVE our political leadership.

Mohamed Ghoneim

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